High-quality Dutch-French and English-French translation services

Through Juste Français, I provide you with the Dutch-French translation or English-French translation of your content or documents.

High quality is my primary focus. I translate with care, accuracy and an eye for detail. I do as much research as necessary to choose the most accurate words of sentences. I keep the target audience in mind when writing. I communicate with you during the process to make sure that the translation meets your expectations. In the end, you receive a carefully written French version of your content or documents.

In order to guarantee accuracy, I only take on translation jobs that match my knowledge and skills. You are invited to send your English or Dutch texts to florine@justefrancais.com. I will let you know whether I have the right expertise for you and provide you with a free quote.

Brief overview of the types of translation I offer:

✅ General translation

✅ Scientific translation: for all types of audience including in academia
- High level of expertise in chemistry
- Familiarity with a variety of subjects in physics and biology

✅ Medical translation: for the general public

✅ Technical translation: for the general public

Questions? Contact me via florine@justefrancais.com.

The 4 meanings of "Juste Français"

Simply French

Juste Français simply provides you with a Dutch-French or English-French translation.

Only French

To ensure high quality, the only target language is the translator's native language.

Correct French

You receive a text with flawless grammar, spelling, syntax and vocabulary.

Fair French

Juste Français supports activities that are fair to the people and the planet.